What to Expect When You Book Tree Removal Service

arborist cutting a tree with a chainsaw

Looking for an Experienced Tree Removal Company Near You? The Eisenhower Team Is Here to Help!

As a team of tree care professionals, we love trees. We’re around them day-in and day-out, providing the services that keep them healthy, beautiful, and resilient to pests and fungus. Eisenhower Tree Care is in the business of keeping trees healthy, which results in boosted curb appeal and added value to your property.

However, sometimes trees must be removed. Although we’ll exercise every option to rehabilitate a sick, infested, or damaged tree, there are instances where removal is the best option for the sake of the surrounding trees and your property.

In this entry of our blog, we’ll discuss the scenarios that necessitate tree removal service and what to expect when you hire a tree removal company near you.

Common Scenarios Where Tree Removal Service Is Necessary

If you’re considering tree removal service, it’s likely you noticed something about a tree on your property that is a cause for concern. It’s possible you’re right. It’s also possible that your tree can be rehabilitated and brought back to full health.

For clarity, the following signs indicate you should consider hiring a tree removal service:

  • The tree is showing extreme signs of decay, rot, or is hollow.
  • The tree has structural damage to the trunk and/or branches.
  • The tree is infected by fungus or disease.
  • The tree is noticeably leaning or uprooted.
  • The tree is infested by insects.

If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional arborist right away to get your tree inspected. Some scenarios, like uprooting or internal rot, are clear indicators the tree must be removed. Other symptoms, such as invasive pests or dead branches, may be reversible or managable.

Getting to Know the Process of Tree Removal Service

No two tree removal jobs are the same, but there are some key steps that Eisenhower Tree Care follows to help customers know what to expect.

Step #1 – A Consultation with a Professional Arborist

The first question that we want to answer is, “Does this tree really need to be removed?” To determine that, we send an arborist to your property to thoroughly inspect the tree.

Step #2 – Recommendations, Planning, and Cost Estimate

If our professional arborist determines the tree should be removed, they will carefully explain what that process involves and how the tree removal team will approach it. Small and medium tree removal jobs are often simpler in scope. Large trees, on the other hand, may require special crane equipment and a larger team of tree removal specialists.

After evaluating your tree, we will provide you with an estimate for tree removal service along with a timeline for removal. From there, we’ll schedule your tree removal when it works for your schedule and ours.

Step #3 – Tree Removal Service

Our team will begin the tree removal process according to the plan we outlined for you. This process will involve:

  • Precise cutting techniques to prevent damage to surrounding structures.
  • Lowering cut branches safely to the ground.
  • Cutting the tree into manageable sections.
  • Using specialized equipment to safely remove large branches, the trunk, and stump.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the area and disposing of all tree remnants.

Our tree removal team consists of highly experienced professionals who put safety and quality of work above all else. As a leading tree removal company near you, you can expect our team to leave your land better than they found it.

Step #4 – Post-Tree Removal Service Inspection

It’s important that our tree removal specialists get your approval before they pack up their equipment and head out to the next job. After your tree is removed, a member of the Eisenhower team will go through our post-tree removal inspection process to ensure we’ve exceeded your expectations.

Looking for Tree Removal Near You? The Eisenhower Team Is Ready to Work!

Booking tree removal services with our arborists offers a streamlined and expert-driven process. From the initial consultation to the safe and efficient removal of your tree, our removal specialists will ensure that the entire process is handled with precision and care.

Whether you require a simple tree stump removal or an entire maple tree, the Eisenhower team is here to help. You can kick things off by scheduling a consultation. Contact Eisenhower Tree Care at (816) 237-0705 or send us an email using the contact form on our website.