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Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree Trimming in Kansas City That Improves the Appearance and Health of Your Trees

Prices range from $300-4,000.

*Pricing depends upon the tree itself and ease of access*

4 Reasons You Need Tree Pruning and Trimming

Need more reasons why it’s a good idea to get tree cutting service? Sometimes pruning and trimming prevents a small problem from growing into a bigger one.

  • Personal Safety and Property Protection
    Dead branches are a huge risk to you, your family, and any property that may be nearby. Naturally occurring events such as snow, high winds, and other inclement weather can cause these branches to unexpectedly snap off. Proactively address dead limbs with our trimming service.

  • Preventing the Spread of Disease
    Similar to your bushes, shrubs, and other landscaping features, trees must be guided in their growth to maintain their health. Not only does the Eisenhower Tree Care team identify dead branches and limbs, but we also can spot the symptoms of illness. The removal of a diseased branch can prevent the rest of the tree from getting sick, which will spare you costly tree removal fees down the line.

  • Aesthetics
    A healthy tree pruned over years of growth forms into an attractive, ideal shape that looks great on your property. It’s less likely to drop limbs and branches, and, in the case of deciduous trees, is more likely to blossom leaves evenly in the spring and summer months.

  • Overall Tree Health
    Root loss or damage can occur as a result of construction or excavation that’s occurring near your trees, poor ground conditions, or due to a disease that has infected the roots. Compromised roots mean that your tree will have a difficult time growing and thriving. One of the ways that we’re able to counterbalance root loss is through strategic tree trimming.

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