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At Eisenhower Tree Care, we really love trees. It’s our passion to tend the earth and beautify your community through tree care using arborist-approved methods. We’ve built a tight-knit team of trustworthy and highly skilled people who carry that passion with them as they put boots on the ground to care for Kansas City’s trees.

You won’t find a more respectful and friendly tree crew in the city, and our customers often comment about our thorough work and clean up. We are proud to deliver competitively priced, comprehensive tree care services, from canopy to root. We use best industry practices and the most modern equipment to ensure you get the best tree care possible.

Tree Care Services in Kansas City

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Sometimes trees fall prey to fungus, rot, or other disease that permanently compromise them. If rehabbing the tree is not an option, the Eisenhower team can remove it from your property – no matter how big or small.
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Tree stumps can be a real eyesore in a yard’s landscaping, as well as attract unwanted pests like termites. Contact our team for quick and easy stump removal. We can even plant a new tree in its place if you’d like.
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Thinning out your tree’s canopy by removing dead and dying branches allows for better circulation and sunlight exposure so the remaining branches can thrive.

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Yellowed leaves, dead branches, and cracks in the trunk are just some of the telltale signs of a sick tree. As a KC arborist with years of experience dealing with local tree sickness, we can help assess what may be affecting your tree and inform you of your best options for treatment.

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Trees that are either structurally weak or lack natural defenses against extreme weather may need support, especially large multi-stemmed trees. The best tree care in these scenarios may be professionally cabling and bracing your trees which helps mitigate the risk of catastrophic tree or limb failure.

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New trees boost your property’s curb appeal, improve the overall air quality, provide shade to your home and yard, and, in some cases, increase property value. Contact the Eisenhower team for professional tree planting and relocation from a professional arborist.

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Uprooting, fragmented branches, and broken branches after storms are some of the most common emergency issues we handle. If you have a storm-damaged tree in need of immediate attention, the Eisenhower team is available for emergency tree services.
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