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Professional Tree Services in Kansas City

Got a tree that is rotted out, damaged beyond repair, or uprooted? Sounds like you need to book our tree removal service. No matter what size the tree is or where it’s located, our team has the resources to get the job done right.
Tree stumps have a tendency to attract unwanted pests and fungi, which makes them both a hazard and an eyesore. Fortunately, our team can take care of it in no time with our professional stump grinding and removal services.
By addressing the dead limbs and branches of your trees, trimming and pruning thins out the canopy so that the healthy remaining limbs receive more sun exposure. This proactive tree care service promotes healthy spring growth and boosts the tree’s natural defenses against pests and fungi.

Yellowed leaves, dead branches, and cracks in the trunk are just some of the telltale signs of a sick tree. As a KC arborist with years of experience dealing with local tree sickness, we can help assess what may be affecting your tree and review the best options for treatment.

Need a new tree professionally planted? What about an existing tree that needs to be relocated on your property? Our KC arborists specialize in tree planting and relocation services, ensuring that your new or existing tree has the best chance to thrive.

Trees that are either structurally weak or lack natural defenses against extreme weather may need support, especially large multi-stemmed trees. The best tree care in these scenarios may be professionally cabling and bracing your trees, which helps mitigate the risk of catastrophic tree or limb failure.

Storm-damaged trees are a hazard to you, your family, and any nearby property. When a tree emergency strikes, we know it’s best to address it sooner rather than later, which is why Eisenhower provides 24/7 support for storm-damaged trees.

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