4 Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Tree Inspection

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Trees provide oxygen, shade, and curb appeal for homeowners and their neighbors. It can be easy to take the many advantages of trees for granted when they’re healthy and flourishing. So, how do you ensure they remain in good health and thriving?

More specifically, what are the red flags to be mindful of that indicate your trees require the attention of a professional arborist from a local tree service?

Although some issues are obvious, there are many subtle signs that only a trained eye can detect. In this blog, we’ll explore the main indicators that it’s time to get your trees inspected by a knowledgeable arborist to ensure their well-being. Additionally, we’ll provide information about how to arrange tree service in Kansas City that’s convenient and affordable.

#1 – Visible Signs of Damage or Decay

As a homeowner, you can perform a visual tree inspection to get a rough idea about the state of your trees. Although you may not be a professional arborist, signs of decay and damage are typically easy to spot. Contact your local arborist at Eisenhower Tree Care if you notice:

  • Cracks, cavities, wounds, missing or peeling bark, and other signs of decay.
  • Structural issues that indicate a branch may break off from the trunk.
  • Dead or brittle branches and twigs.
  • Branches with discolored or missing leaves.

#2 – Pest Infestations

Summer is usually when pests are at their worst, and they’re not shy about leaving behind clues of their handiwork. Pest infestations aren’t uniform, which means there are a variety of signs to look for when performing a tree inspection, including:

  • Leaves and foliage with bite marks and small holes.
  • Distorted leaves and foliage that are abnormally colored.
  • White spots on leaves and foliage, indicating the presence of scale insects.
  • Cotton-like egg sacs on leaves and foliage, indicating the presence of aphids.
  • Black, soot-like mold on leaves and foliage.
  • Holes in the tree, indicating the presence of wood-boring insects.

If left unchecked for too long, pests can compromise a tree’s vascular system, blocking the vital water and nutrients that sustain it. Further, holes from wood-boring insects may lead to fungus growing inside of them.

If you notice any signs of pest infestation, contact your local tree service so a professional arborist can perform an inspection. Pests are generally a sign of underlying health issues with the tree.

#3 – Recent Storm or Severe Weather Event

Here in the Kansas City area, we get true four-season weather. Our summers are hot and humid. Our winters bring sub-zero temps with ice and snowstorms peppered in. We also get thunderstorms accompanied by high winds, which are especially dangerous to trees.

Be mindful of the following signs after an extreme weather event:

  • Branches that are partially or fully broken.
  • The trunk of the tree is vertically split.
  • The tree is noticeably leaning.

Call your local arborist for a tree inspection if you notice damage after a recent storm. In addition to removing any safety hazards, the arborists at Eisenhower Tree Care will determine if a storm damaged tree can be rehabilitated and can provide clean-up estimates to your homeowner’s insurance, if applicable.

#4 – You Haven’t Had a Tree Inspection Performed Recently

The current arborist-approved best practices of preventative tree care suggest performing a professional tree inspection annually during the growing season and during dormancy. Ideally, homeowners should aim for two inspections per year. However, we understand that tree health isn’t typically top-of-mind, unless homeowners notice a cause for concern.

At the very least, one tree inspection per year performed by an arborist is ideal for safety and health. They have methods of surveying trees that go beyond the obvious symptoms of sickness, damage, and pest infestation.

By proactively addressing tree issues with annual inspections, you’re more likely to catch problems in the early stages when they’re resolvable. The longer tree rot, fungus, and invasive pests are allowed to fester, the more difficult they are to remedy.

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As a local tree service in Kansas City, Eisenhower Tree Care is highly skilled in identifying the major signs and symptoms that a tree is compromised, sick, or in need of rehabilitation. Considering the value that trees add to a property and the environment, it’s important to take the basic precautions that ensure optimal tree health.

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