Summer Storm Preparedness: Our Tree Service Ensures Your Trees Weather the Season

stormy sky on a summer day

Get Up to Speed on Summer Tree Emergency Scenarios and How to Request Tree Care Service

The Midwest certainly knows how to keep you on your toes in terms of weather. We all know that Kansas City will experience more than its fair share of hot and humid days, but we’re sure there will be a few cold fronts and storms coming our way, too.

As humans, it’s easy for us to adapt to volatile shifts in weather. Our trees, however, are fully exposed to the elements and lack the luxury of throwing on a rain poncho when weather takes a turn for the worse. Out of all the weather conditions that put trees at risk, storms pose a significant threat, especially in urban environments where pedestrians and property may be in harm’s way.

By understanding summer storm preparedness and the tree services that will bolster their natural defenses, you can help safeguard your landscape, property, and pedestrians in the area. Keep reading to learn more about the potential impacts of summer storms, how to prepare, and how to secure emergency tree service in Kansas City from Eisenhower Tree Care.

Impact of Summer Storms on Trees

Summer storms are characterized by strong winds, heavy rainfall, lighting, and sometimes hail, all of which pose a threat to the health and stability of your trees. These are the most significant impacts summer storms can have on trees:

  • Structural damage, including broken branches, split trunks, and compromised roots
  • Uprooting, which means the tree has completely fallen over, with roots emerging from the ground
  • Partial uprooting or leaning, which means the tree is compromised
  • Waterlogging, which leads to reduced oxygen and excessive moisture in the soil

Tree Emergencies and Their Impact

When summer storms damage or destabilize trees, it can impact public safety and property. For example, falling branches or uprooted trees pose direct threats to pedestrians, potentially causing injury. Property damage to homes, vehicles, and other structures is another concern. Finally, storm-damaged trees can block public roadways or fall onto power lines, leading to transportation issues and power outages.

These are all scenarios where emergency tree service is warranted to resolve the issue and prevent any further damage or accidents.

The Role of Emergency Tree Service in Kansas City

In the aftermath of a storm, emergency tree service addresses the risks that threaten people, property, and public roadways. If you find yourself in a tree emergency, contact Eisenhower Tree Care at (816) 237-0705. We offer 24/7 emergency response.

Our emergency tree service team can:

  • Professionally assess storm-damaged trees.
  • Safely remove broken or partially broken branches.
  • Perform tree removal services for uprooted or structurally compromised trees.
  • Address trees that have fallen onto power lines, property, or public roadways.

The Role of Professional Tree Service Before Storms

Ideally, you never experience an emergency tree issue. What’s the best way to reduce your risk? Prevention. When discussing summer storms and their impacts on trees, it’s the ones with pre-existing issues that pose the biggest threat. Trees that are malnourished, infested with pests, or have structural issues are most likely to become a problem during a storm.

On the other hand, healthy trees possess the natural defenses that are necessary to endure a summer storm. With that in mind, you can support your trees by giving them the care and attention they require to thrive.

Eisenhower Tree Care performs:

  • Professional assessments
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Removal and relocation

Because the Eisenhower team adheres to arborist-approved methods, we’ve been successful in helping Kansas City homeowners proactively identify risk factors and resolving them before they become an issue. This saves our customers a lot of time, money, and inconvenience in the long run, which is why we stress the importance of professional tree services.

How to Arrange Professional Tree Service in Kansas City

Summer storms pose significant risks to trees, which in turn can impact public safety, property, and infrastructure. By being proactive about summer storm preparedness using tree care services from Eisenhower, you will improve the health and resolve of your trees, reducing the risk of uprooting, branch breakage, and structural issues.

The best place to start is by scheduling a professional assessment of your trees with Eisenhower Tree Care. Not only can our arborists quickly identify structural and health issues, but they will also provide professional recommendations on the tree services that will restore them back to full health. Call us at (816) 237-0705 or send us an email using our contact form to book your appointment.

Are you currently experiencing a tree emergency and require professional assistance? Visit our emergency tree service page to learn how the Eisenhower team can help.