Snow and Ice Management Tips to Mitigate Branch Breakage

close up of tree branch pruning

Arborist and Tree Surgeon-Approved Methods of Cold Weather Tree Care

Midwestern winter weather poses unique challenges to the health of your trees. Most notably, homeowners need to keep an eye on the structural integrity of their trees and proactively address potential branch breakage.

Cold temperatures, of course, can threaten the health of trees. However, the bigger issue that arborists in Kansas City warn homeowners about is winter precipitation. The accumulation of ice and snow on a trees’ branches can add hundreds or even thousands of pounds of collective weight.

Many trees are naturally strong enough to withstand this weight. Trees with structural issues, on the other hand, are at risk of breaking. This poses a threat to property and pedestrians, not to mention the tree itself may never fully recover.

Eisenhower Tree Care adheres to the approved best practices of arborists and tree surgeons when helping homeowners get their winter tree care measures in place. In this blog, we’ll explore practical tips that homeowners can implement themselves and discuss the role of professional tree services in safeguarding trees against branch breakage during the winter season.

Get a Professional Tree Inspection

Think of a professional tree inspection like getting your car “winterized” before extreme cold weather sets in. Similar to a mechanic, our tree experts and arborists near you can assess your trees and identify potential problems. Further, they can provide recommendations on how to prep your trees to endure the brunt force of winter weather.

Prune Before Winter Ramps Up

Before winter fully sets in, conduct a thorough pruning session to remove weak, dead, or overextended branches. This proactive step not only enhances the overall health of the tree but also reduces the risk of branches breaking under the weight of snow or ice. Eisenhower Tree Care is more than happy to perform this service using arborist-approved methods.

Add Support to Heavy Branches

For larger trees with heavy branches, consider providing support with cables or braces. This helps distribute the weight more evenly, reducing the risk of breakage after snowfall. This is another service that Eisenhower Tree Care provides using arborist-approved best practices.

Gentle Snow Removal

In the event of heavy snow accumulation, care for your younger trees. Gently remove snow from tree branches using a broom or soft brush. Avoid shaking branches forcefully, as this can lead to breakage. Clearing snow strategically helps prevent the added stress of excessive weight on branches.

Protect Your Trees Using Frost Clothing

You probably put on a coat before stepping out into a cold winter’s day. It insulates you and keeps snow and sleet from making contact with your skin. Frost clothing – also known as frost cloth – is the tree equivalent of a winter coat. It’s generally used on ornamental trees and trees that have yet to fully mature to protect them from frost and maintain warmth. You can contact the team at Eisenhower Tree Care to perform this unique service.

Emergency Response Planning

Establish an emergency response plan with Eisenhower Tree Care in case of severe weather-related issues, such as uprooting or large branch breakage. Having a reliable service on call ensures prompt assistance in the event of a tree emergency that threatens pedestrians or property. Be sure to take down our emergency tree care contact information just in case you need it.

Contact Eisenhower Tree Care to Prepare Your Trees for Winter Storms

As a tree care service that has endured many Midwestern winters, we know the potential pitfalls of dealing with trees that are structurally unsound. When trees aren’t equipped to handle the weight of snow and ice, this puts them at risk of experiencing branch breakage, potentially damaging your home and endangering pedestrians.

As a team that adheres to tree care best practices established by arborists and tree surgeons, Eisenhower Tree Care can professionally inspect your trees and implement solutions that provide support where it’s most needed. Proactive measures, such as pruning, gentle snow removal, cabling and bracing, and frost clothing contribute to the overall health of your trees.

Not many arborists in Kansas City perform all the services that Eisenhower Tree Care does. By combining homeowner efforts with the expertise of professional tree services, you can fortify your trees against the rigors of winter. The best way to get started is by arranging a professional inspection.

Call us today at (816) 237-0705 to speak with our scheduling department. You can also send us an email using the contact form on our website. After we’ve had the opportunity to professionally inspect your trees, we can provide a detailed breakdown of services that will best support them for the duration of winter.